ight Motif is conceived as a synaesthetic experience based on a visual transposition of Music for 18 Musicians – Section II, by the American composer Steve Reich. Prix Ars Electronica 2014, Honorary Mention. Awarded at Multivision 2014 for "The Best Music Interpretation". Special Mention at Athens Animfest 2015. Official Selection at Siggraph Asia, Clermont-Ferrand, Aspen Shortsfest, Ann Arbor, Oberhausen, Anima Mundi, Encounters, Giffoni, Trickfilm Stuttgart,

here is one week, not mutiples - no linearity, no timebody. Hence chronology and dates are nonsensical. Personally, months and years are 'seen-sed' only by will into something resembling a named ladder which begins high up left and withers into disappearance somewhere bottom right = not interesting. However, any specific day can be picked by nuances and examined with all its content like

Source PUBLIC DOMAIN REVIEW Grounded in the theory that ideas, emotions, and even events, can manifest as visible auras, Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater’s Thought-Forms (1901) is an odd and intriguing work. Benjamin Breen explores these “synesthetic” abstractions and asks to what extent they, and the Victorian mysticism of which they were born, influenced the Modernist movement that flourished in the following decades. “The music

hose who experience a form of synesthesia associated with sexual pleasure seem to experience deeper pleasure, but not necessarily more intense. Depuis le site : Frontiersin Introduction : Synaesthesia is a phenomenon in which a certain stimulus induces a concurrent sensory perception; it has an estimated prevalence of 4 %. Sexual arousal as an inducer for synaesthetic perceptions is rarely mentioned in the literature but can Back in June 2006, I was invited to the Vancouver International Jazz Festival by Coastal Jazz's manager of artistic programming, the amazing Rainbow Robert. That's where I heard piano improvisor, Paul Plimley for the first time. As Paul played, I closed my eyes and had an intense synesthetic experience. When the show ended, I immediately started feeling a compulsion to express in animation